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Hi"! I just got married, 6yrs ago. And I found my wife like a knight and shinning armor

Willie60 started this conversation
Hi"! I just got married, 6yrs ago. And I found my wife like a knight and shinning armor looking for his mate. I'm not for one to look attractive. But she excepted me, with all my flaws, and everything. But in the first place she did'nt want to get married, because a month before I meet her"? She buried her financ'e. She was hurt, and most of all in the most pain, imaginable. To the point she shutdown in all ways possible. So to let her know I was interested. I would come to her apartment after I find it on my own. And brought breakfast at 730 am. And i would make sure she ate if nothing else"! Of course i would get told off, for waking her. But now since we've been married for 6yrs. And I feed 2#-Friends in her face did'nt offer her or ask if she needed something eat. Knowing that she is now sick. And take medication. I simply play around, and used her feelings and took her kindness for weakness, because of my anger towards something i've always gone through. And I feel so a shame of myself. Now I'm looking for information to move her to the state she has been talking about forever. And that's to live in Orlando Fla, She's team Mickey Mouse"! For life"! And I don't have much. And neither does she. But we need help on finding a low income housing apartment in Orlando. If you have any information"? Please it would be a blessing tossurprise her. And give her Sir"! Mickey"! Before we are terminated from this earth. Peace and blessings to all. Willie60.:-) :-) :-) :-) .
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